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Welcome to our Sydney Magnesium online store.

Thanks so much for visiting us online, our team is excited to provide Sydney with a new suite of natural Magnesium based products and we are available to assist if you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email and we will get back to you right away.
Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.

The story behind Sydney Magnesium

Hi my name is Craig, along with my wife of 28 years Coral we are partners in Sydney Magnesium.

We would both like to thank you for taking time to find out more about us here at Craig DuncombeSydney Magnesium and come on our journey.You will have nothing to lose except your aches and pains and be on your way to being healthier and to better your well being.

I’ve been working as a motor mechanic for of 35 years and have also been a very keen sports person.

Both Coral and I ran our repair shop in Sydney western suburbs which we sold in 2012 as I could no longer work as a mechanic due to chronic back pain.

After we sold the workshop we travelled the east coast and the top end of Australia.
Coral Duncombe
Our children told me to get my back fixed before it is totally incapacitates me. So off I went to seek medical treatment and it was recommended to see physiotherapist and after a few sessions he recommended me to see a chiropractor and then the revolving door begun from one to the other.

After varying degrees of relief but you could not call it a successful treatment program.

I started to look around myself and came across the miracle of Magnesium oil it was the best all natural pain relief I had ever come across.

I told my family and friends what I had found for pain relief so I tried it on themselves and they all gave it great reviews, but no one had heard of it before.

Coral and I decided to try and let everyone know about our secret and that is how Sydney Magnesium started.

Hi I’m Coral and I have also had severe hip and shoulder joint pain frequently getting Cortisone injections, which gave me relief for a week or so and the procedure was painful in itself.

After using the Magnesium oil the pain had eased considerable.

I am also going throw menopause and if any other ladies out there are going throw the same I can strongly recommend using our products to relief headaches, restless legs, night sweets and most of the other symptoms of menopause.

Hoping also that you join us on our journey of been pain free and a healthier life

Here’s to good health,

Craig and Coral Duncombe

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