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We have listed below a few of the questions we are frequently asked by our new clients. If you still have questions after reviewing the answers below please contact our team by filling out our page of calling us directly.

Why would I need  Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium is a mineral which should be found in our foods, but due to modern farming methods being concerned more about quantity than quality. In particular considering the use of mineral deprived soils, chemical fertilisers, Cold storage, Imported foods and foods that are highly processed, most cooking methods and readily available junk food are all magnesium deficient.

We are all  being starved of our natural sources of Magnesium so a supplement is essential for our body to stay healthy and fight off chronic diseases which are more rampart in our society now then ever before.

An active person loses Magnesium much faster than an non active person. One can combat this lose by enriching their Magnesium levels which will help with enhancing muscle recovery, endurance and performing to their optimum.  

When recovering from an illness or an operation it is normal that your magnesium level would be low, by raising your Magnesium levels it will assist with a speedy recovery.

How does Transdermal Magnesium Oil help with my aches and pains?

Transdermal Magnesium Oil has a unique way to penetrate our skin and delivers Magnesium Chloride straight into the blood stream. Opening up our blood vessels which carries much needed oxygen and nutrients that we need to survive and for our body to repair its self.

Is Magnesium Chloride and Transdermal Magnesium “oil” the same?

Actually Yes. They are the same thing, Magnesium “oil” is a common term that is used because when it is applied to the skin it has a slight oily feel.

Can I excide my daily limits of Transdermal Magnesium?

No.Your skin has a unique ability to regulate its own absorption. You would not even notice if you reached full saturation levels. There would be no symptom or side effects.

Why do oral Magnesium supplements have side effects?

When Magnesium is taken orally in tablet, capsule or powder form they all must travel through our gastrointestinal track and our bowels are quite sensitive and easily overloaded and a laxative effect is common.

Why is oral Magnesium supplements less effective than Transdermal Magnesium?

The object is to get the Magnesium into our blood stream and cells that is what Transdermal Magnesium Oil does.
When taking oral Magnesium products the absorption is very low, only between 4 to 6 percent is getting to where we need it. Most of it is wasted by passing through our internals and is then turned into waste by the bowels and kidneys.

Should I continue using Magnesium supplements orally if I am also using Magnesium Oil?

Transdermal Magnesium is a better alternative, it is a more efficient transfer into your affected area and overall absorption.
It is totally your choice, but why would you want to use a less effective way to get your daily Magnesium dosage. If you are already maybe taking oral medication and it could become a conflict which could weaken the dosage, best to consult your health care professional for your personal case.

Is it normal that I feel a slight tingling sensation when I apply Transdermal Magnesium oil?

Some users of Magnesium oil with low Magnesium levels or sensitive skin may experience a slight tingling sensation. If you experience a tingling sensation you might want to apply Magnesium Oil when your skin is wet i.e. after shower or bath. After 7 days or so your skin should become less sensitive and normal application can take place. Also Magnesium bath flakes are available and great way to get Transdermal Magnesium therapy for sensitive skin.

Should I talk to my Doctor or Medical professional before I use Transdermal Magnesium oil?

Yes .Most definitely talk to your Doctor or Medical professional to get advice before starting on Magnesium supplements, especially if you have a pre-existing ailment and on any other medications that maybe effected.

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