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Magnesium Foot & Bath Flakes 1kg
Magnesium Foot and Bath Flakes

Magnesium Foot & Bath Flakes 1kg

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Natural and organic. The finest Magnesium Chloride Flakes mother nature can provide.


A great way to get your dose of Magnesium. Soak in a hot bath or just soak your feet in a foot spa or a bucket to be rejuvenated and revitalised. There is nothing to compare to the way you will feel after a hard day of work or play. Helps draw the inflammation out of the muscle and joints.

Directions For Use:

Add one cup to bath or foot spa. Sit Back and relax for about 20 minutes and let the Magnesium work its magic.


Available in quantities from 1kg up to 20kg ,please contact one of our friendly staff members for our special price on larger amounts.

The colour of the bag may differ from picture.

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