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Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Roll On 50g
Sydney Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Roll On 50ml

Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Roll On 50g

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Natural and organic. All products are made with the finest ingredients mother nature can provide.


 We have taken  Magnesium oil with all of its benefits and we have  added our own blend of oils and minerals to take it too another level.

 Our Go plus range of products have been designed for the Athletic type who goes that extra yard or for those how may be carrying an old injury or more serious injury or condition. Can be used to treat Pimples and Acne, Also can be applied directly to insect and mosquito bites for relief from pain and itch.

 For more details please contact our sales team.

Directions For Use:

"Roll On" 4 times and rub  on effected area every 4 to 5 hours.

For quick relief or for severe pain you can apply our creams or Lotion straight after applying the Roll On.

Wash Hands after use.
Avoid Contact with eyes and mouth.
Keep out of reach of Children.

Keep in cool place or refrigerate.

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