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If you are one of our happy customers and would like to share your thoughts and how you have benefited by using some of our products. Please either enter your comments into our contact form or email shop@sydneymagnesium.com.au

100m Sprinter Christine Wearne.

Posted by Christine Wearne, Sydney NSW on 14/06/2015

"I am absolutely thrilled to have found out about Sydney Magnesium Products. As an athlete, I know the importance of magnesium in our bodies.

I found the Transdermal oil to be very helpful. During sessions that are long and intense I find that by applying the Go Plus Ultra Spray reduces lactic acid allowing me to train harder and get more out of my session. It also assists with muscle soreness. I had what felt like a hip flexor strain after a gym session.

Usually these types of injuries can take up to a fortnight to feel back to normal. I applied the the Go Plus Ultra Spray to the affected area along with the Magnesium Go Go Cream and within two days the area felt normal again.

I highly recommend Sydney Magnesium products as they have done an excellent job for me.

Thank you Sydney Magnesium.


Easy Living | Former NRL Player Grant Izzard

Posted by Grant Izzard, Sydney NSW on 30/06/2015

"I've played rugby league all my life, 7 years at the top grade with Penrith Panthers and Illawarra Steelers. The years of training and hits endured haven't been kind on my body, making it difficult to deal with the day to day pain and ware and tear on my body.

I have tried all the pills and creams on the market with little to no success until I was introduced to the Sydney Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Spray and creams.

After two weeks using the spray and cream together my knees and hands felt almost pain free for the first time in 10 years. It makes my day to day life so much easier and enjoyable when every step isn't causing constant pain.

Since more time has passed I even get to jog now and am able to kick a ball with my 2 boys which I couldn't before.
Thanks Sydney Magnesium you make for some Easy Living ahead.


Kim says, chronic pain has gone..

Posted by Kim St Marys NSW on 18/06/2015

"I have  been suffering with chronic pain for 10 years and also suffer with Ulcerative Colitis for 15 years .
I have severe  pain in my wrists and ankles .

My Gastroenterologist recommended that I started to use Magnesium in the form of transdermal oil not oral tablets or powder as he mentioned the transdermal method is a more effective and  efficient way to absorb Magnesium, also that it wouldn't have any side effects or upset my Colitis.
I gained a great deal of benefit once I started using Sydney Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Spray On.

After about 10 days of use it  had almost eliminated the pain totally in my wrists and ankles. I also apply Sydney Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Spray On directly to my abdomen to ease cramping in this area.

I stopped using the Transdermal Magnesium due to running out and slow the pain started to come back after a week I found myself back in total agony again. I immediately purchased Sydney Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Spray On and it surprised me again how amazing the pain eased almost immediately.

I have recommended Sydney Magnesium products to my family and friends, there products are of the highest quality and are worth every cent I pay for them.
Sydney Magnesium thank you so much.


Cafe owner is a "Magnesium Go Plus Spray" and "Bath Flakes" fan.

Posted by Vicki, Quakers hill on 06/4/2015

"I run a busy café and I am on my feet most of the day. My wrists have constant pain and my legs get tied along with sore feet. So a friend of mine recommended trying Sydney Magnesium products to help ease the pain, so I did.

4 months later….

I have been using Sydney Magnesium products and I swear by their products as I have tried most of them. But I have found that the Go Plus Ultra Spray On is phenomenal along with the Foot and Bath Flakes. I use the Bath Flakes in a foot spa after a long had week running my café. It great for a time out and found these two products worked best for me.

I ran out of Sydney Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Spray On and the pains can back after a while. I have even tried other Magnesium products but Sydney Magnesium products are by far superior and have the most effects on me. There was almost instant relief from my pain once I started using Sydney Magnesium products I make sure now that I don't run out and I always keep a spare on the shelf for myself and husband.

Thanks so much Sydney Magnesium you have the best products.


Magnesium Transdermal Oil

Posted by Joanne ,Pendle hill on 4/16/2015

"I am so glad I meet you guys from Sydney Magnesium at Penrith Markets,

I have only used Magnesium Transdermal oil a few times and I can feel a big improvements on my Bad Knees already. I will be there next week to buy the Bath Flakes .

Thanks Craig & Coral what a great team. Best wishes with your Business.


Go Plus Magnesium oil

Posted by Helen L from Townsville on 4/14/2015

"Hi Sydney Magnesium. I thought I would drop you a line from Townsville to say the Go go lotion and the Go Plus Magnesium Oil is really helping with my cramping legs and Arthritic hands so thank you for your great products and service .

Thanks so much Helen L".

Great for my Knee! Go Plus Ultra Magnesium oil.

Posted by Neil - Erskine Park on 18/02/2015
"I have known both Craig and Coral for the best part of 30 years.

I was at my doctors clinic waiting to see my Doctor, so I rang gave Craig a quick call telling him about that I had top weekend out in our ski boat, until I slipped off the rear of it injuring my knee. I told him that last night I had no sleep because I was in considerable amount of pain.

Seeing my doctor he informed me that I have ligament damage and put me off work, strapped up, leg brace and crutches.
The next day Craig bought around some Sydney Magnesium products for me to try and they worked fantastic.

The next week when I went back to see my Doctor, I walked in and he said that I was walking very well, asked me what I have been doing to be getting around so quickly. I told him I was rubbing Sydney Magnesium products on my knee.

The results, the majority of my pain has gone so I rang Craig and asked for more of the products because I'm sending them to my sister who had a fall and my mum who has just had both knees replaced and is having lots of pain with them.
Thanks Craig and Coral

Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Spray

Posted by Bob, Seven Hills on 5/7/2015

"I am a 71 year old male and for the past 20 years I have suffered with Osteo Arthritis in both feet and knees. I am applying Sydney Magnesium Go Plus Ultra Spray twice a day, I am now walking pain free.

I find the Go Plus Ultra Spray works out very economical option as a 250ml bottle has lasted me over 10 weeks.
What a top product



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