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Transdermal Magnesium Oil 250ml

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Natural and organic. The finest Magnesium oil mother nature can provide. 100% Magnesium oil


In Eastern medicine they call it the Golden Mineral.

It is nothing short of a mineral with miracle healing and pain relief qualities on a very wide range of ailments from Headaches and Migraines , Muscle Soreness ,  Reduces Pain and Inflammation in Joints , Cramps, Restless Legs ,Memory and Cognitive Function, Recovery from Injuries and Illness Quicker, Aching and Burning  Feet, Menopause ,Endometriosis and PMS,Infection, Just to name a few .

Directions For Use :

Spray 4 times and rub onto effect area  or apply to pulse points 3-4 times a day .Also  30ml can be added into a foot spa or bath ,its a great way to get your dose of Magnesium and rejuvenate your body.

For headache relief spray and rub directly to temples and base off skull.

For restless legs apply behind Knees and arch of feet.

For quick relief or for severe pain you can apply our creams or Lotion straight after applying spray on.


Wash Hands after use.
Avoid Contact with eyes and mouth.
Keep out of reach of Children.

Keep in cool place or refrigerate.


Available in quantities from 250ml up to 20lt ,please contact one of our friendly staff members  for our
special price on larger amounts.

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